This is only the first chapter of our story. We’ll write the next one together.
Our Manifesto
We believe in travel - that it shapes and molds us into who we are and who we will become.
The art of thoughtful travel
It’s in the nuances that we differentiate ourselves.
We take pride in bringing depth and subtlety to the hospitality experience. In a market flooded with watered down options and brands dictating experience for their guests, we create an environment that is comfortable and well-appointed for discovery, you take it from there.
It’s all in the details.
Our brand is guided by every property’s unique history and cultural heritage. Our hotels respond to the buildings and neighborhoods in which they live, not the other way around. We craft a bespoke narrative for each hotel, and every design decision is filtered through this narrative.
Meet the founder.
Born from a vision to reinvent high-touch, locally-rooted lifestyle hotels, Rami Zeidan founded Life House in 2017. After a seasoned career in the luxury & boutique hotel space, Rami was poised to create a curated hospitality experience designed to foster meaningful, frequent travel. Backed by passion and a drive to innovate the boutique hotel industry, Rami believes in connecting people with new places by celebrating the heritage of the neighborhood.
Enough about us. Come by and see for yourself what makes us different.