Our story takes root in the meaning derived from travel, exposure and discovery of the universe and of ourselves.
Our Manifesto
We believe in the transformative, enriching nature of travel
Traveling completes us. It creates friendships and memories. It fills voids. It’s fun! It offers perspectives. It teaches us. About the world. About culture. It breeds creativity and helps us discover new meaning in our lives and can give new meaning to others’. Travel lets us live a full life. We create hotels, experiences and communities to foster this spirit.
It's Nuanced
Nuance is what differentiates the dilettante from the artist
Life House is not a traditional "brand", but the manifestation of a belief. We don't simply outsource our creativity; we collaborate with local influences and foster an environment for them to authentically express themselves. We create projects that are truly responsive to each locale, while bringing our eternal belief in authenticity and connection to each other, to each project and to the universe.
Living Room
Life House South Beach
Every detail considered.
Each of our hotels is thoughtfully designed to be authentically unique to its locale, while consistent in comfort, service and ethos. From the fragrances in the lobby, to the music in the bar, to the materials and furniture selection, to the Le Labo shampoo and body wash – every detail is considered to ensure a memorable experience and an incredibly comfortable stay.
Not just another Silicon Valley founding team
Much like our beliefs, our founding story comes from over a decade of nuanced discovery. Rami spent his career learning real estate and all aspects of hotels with some of the most acclaimed incumbents, from Sydell Group, to Starwood, to TPG while Yury is a third time CTO having conquered the most complex technology integrations out there, together to create a robust solution to the plaguing challenges of hospitality & its technology. Yury & Rami also studied together at Johns Hopkins University and were both born to immigrant parents from vastly different backgrounds; they have quite a founding story to share and have found quite a tight knit partnership that continues to strengthen.
But enough about us, come see what makes us special for yourself
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